100 word challenge

In this 100 word challenge my goal is to use interesting words.

… we seemed to be on the television…

Today i was really excited because tonight i was going Tasmania on a big fairy boat. A couple of hours later i had an early dinner. Once i arrived i went straight to the pool. I could still the local park i used to go to when i was a kid i used to go with my best friend Millie.I got out and had a drink. All of a sudden the boat started to sink. I could see someone filming us we seemed to be on T.V.



prefix un- undo,unhappy, unlike

prefix pre- prefix,preschool,preoccupied,precooked,


prefix dis- disagree,dislike,disbelieve,disagreement,disarrangement

prefix re- rearrange,regard,recycle,reuse,reusing,reused,reusable,

prifix bi- bicycle,

prefix tri- tricycle,triangle,tripod

prefix anti- anticlockwise,

prefix auto- automobile,automovile

prefix non- nonstop,nonverble

prefix mis- misunderstanding,misused,misplaced,mistake










































Persuasive text



I like summer better than winter. Because in summer you don’t have to spend much money on clothes you can just put shorts and a T-shirt on but winter you have to put lots of layers of clothes so you have to buy more cloths. In summer you get to go outside and have fun your not stuck in a cold house doing nothing. You would be crazy to choose winter over summer.Also if you have a birthday in summer you get to go outside but if you have a birthday in winter you have to stay in a small house. So do you really want to choose winter over summer? So that’s why summer is better than winter.

The jail of no return







One cold foggy day two kids called Charlotte and Alex went to play outside in the foggy miserable coldness. And there standing in the distance was a boat, it was a sailing boat. So they decided to have a ride in it. In their heads they thought, “What is the worst that could happen?’’



After a couple of minutes it started to rain. Then there was a big storm and the waves got humongous the boat was going everywhere, both were cold and shivering in the dark gloomy boat. They were soaking from the water. “What shall we do?’’ Charlotte screamed!


“I have no idea!’’ Alex screamed back. Suddenly they saw an island, so they hopped out of the boat and swam to the island hopping they would not bump into a shark. “WOW’’ they both said at the same time. As they walked they came across this yard and there was a sign that said WARNING DO NOT ENTER, DANGER!!!! They both looked at each other in shock. “Do you think we should go in?’’ asked Alex, trying to act brave but really he wasn’t.



“I really want to find out what is in there.” They both opened the door and there was a graveyard that looked mysterious. They both walked in.



On the floor there was a newspaper that said in big writing EVRYONE THAT GOES TO JAIL DISAPEERS!! Charlotte took another step than fell down a whole where   there were really nasty looking people. Hey Alex all the people down here look like the robbers that disappeared in the newspaper. “ I think you’re right” said Alex. “I got to go tell somebody.” So Alex went to get the police while Charlotte waited down in the miserable lonely cold hole.

“Why do you think they keep on disappearing down that hole?” questioned the police man confused.

“We don’t know” they both whispered at the same time. “Ok I will make sure the trap floor will always be shut”.



“Hey look over there there’s a boat, we can use it to paddle home”. Said Alex “good idea” said Charlotte.





When Charlotte and Alex saw their little cottage they ran up to their cottage and knocked on the door. When their parents saw they were back they were filled with joy.



And every time it was stormy they never went outside to play unless it was a sunny day.















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